Food Service

There’s no better way to your customer’s heart than through their taste buds, and prepared foods are your ticket. With so many ways to create a smell and taste experience for your customer and greater margins to boot, there is no reason not to be in the foodservice game. So put on your chef hat, pull out a recipe card, and get some great easy-to-execute plans and products from GSC’s foodservice partners.

Mother Parkers

For over 100 years, Mother Parkers has been delivering a better beverage experience. They pride themselves on offering cappuccino, teas, and coffee sourced from the world’s leading coffee producing countries. Need equipment for your retail location? Let’s talk!

PFS Brands

Take your pick! Whether you are looking for the simplicity of Cooper’s Express or the more robust Champs Chicken, PFS Brands has you covered with two tasty chicken programs. And both are available at
Grocery Supply!

Sub Express

Sub Express is a national branded licensed program from OMNI Food Concepts with a low initial investment and no franchise fees. And with marketing support and training available, you will have everything you need to be successful at generating repeat traffic.

Piccadilly Circus Pizza

The Piccadilly Circus Pizza philosophy has always been to “keep it simple” while providing the highest quality products available. You can offer personal size pizza, family size pizza for carryout orders, toppings for create-your-own-carryout pizzas, breadsticks and more!


Doughnuts, cookies, brownies and more! From ready-to-finish to raw ingredients, GSC can supply you with great products to bring prepared bakery items to your customers.


Frozen to fresh, GSC knows sandwiches! With over a dozen suppliers to choose from, there is no end to the variety you can offer your customers.

Chester’s Chicken

Chester’s serves Great Tasting Fresh Fried Chicken that’s cooked to perfection, with a unique taste and style that’s been successful for over 50 years. Chester’s brings you delicious fried chicken, tempting tenders, breakfast items, sides and more.

Papa Primo’s Italian Kitchen

Papa Primo’s Italian Kitchen is an easy, versatile, high quality pizzeria style program. The brand is built off of the real and wholesome feeling of home cooked meals to give consumers the true Italian eating experience. Products include Fully Assembled Frozen Pizzas, Cheesy Garlic Bread, and Artisian Breadsticks.