Dairy/Ice Cream

Looking for creamy and smooth milk from local dairy farms delivered right to your store? Look no further than Grocery Supply! We teamed up with Hiland Dairy Foods to offer milk and more in just the right sizes for your business. And don’t forget that sweet tooth! Sweet treats in pints and novelty are available from well-known brands like Blue Bunny and Mars Ice Cream.

Mars – Blue Bunny

Mars Ice Cream frozen novelties from SNICKERS®, TWIX®, MILKY WAY® and DOVE® Brands are made with real ice cream, offering the quality and flavor that consumers value. Blue Bunny novelty and pint items bring a sweet smile to any on-the-go snack seeker.

Hiland Dairy

Creamy, smooth and packed full of nine essential nutrients, Hiland Dairy Milk comes from local dairy farms and contains no artificial growth hormones. Whether you pour it over cereal or mix it with your coffee, Hiland Dairy Milk tastes good and is good for you.