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Annual Benefit Golf Tournament! We are extremely thankful for our Supplier partners and the relationships we have as participants in our charity event. From our first golf tournament held in San Antonio to the one we have today, all of them have benefited organizations that help people in some difficult times.

Grocery Supply Company, Fidelity Express and GSC Enterprises, Inc., hosts an annual golf tournament in the Dallas-Fort Worth area that benefits many needy organizations in our region. Some of our past recipients have been: Morgan’s Mercy Mansion, CASA, Child Advocacy Center, GSC Benevolence, Community Chest, Heart of Hope, and SSISD Education Foundation. Check with your appropriate Category Manager or contact John Prickette for more information on how you and your company can become a sponsor of this charitable event that will become our 30th Annual Golf Tournament in the fall of 2018.

GSC Champions Circle
Mar 17-24, 2018
French West Indies

The Champions Circle Program is especially designed for our valued customers and for participating brokers, and suppliers who sponsor the program. It is geared to create more case movement through our distribution center for you as a supplier/sponsor with the travel destination becoming a byproduct.

GSC Marketplace 2018
Apr 25, 2018
Arlington Convention Center

Marketplace offers our vendors and retailers an opportunity to identify new market opportunities, products, innovations, and helps establish mutually beneficial relationships. This annual event is eagerly anticipated each year by GSC and its vendor/retail partners. For more information, contact Tracey Ballard.

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Promotions Manager

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